David McSwain grew up in the banking business in Oklahoma and has devoted his career to seeking out risk and creating a vision for the future. A seasoned chief lending officer with more than 20 years’ banking experience, David decided to broaden his reach to provide his specialized consulting business with a unique set of risk management and credit administration services. He works with clients in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas providing bank consulting and risk management solutions.

“I help community banks in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas pro-actively navigate the changing regulatory playing field and establish best practices in loan risk management,” he said. “I’ve been there and understand the dynamics of the family bank and the local community bank. I know how important banks are to our citizens and how vulnerable banks are to the local economy and shifting regulatory landscape. My job is to help banks assess risk and make positive steps for a more prosperous future.”

Most community banks find it hard to keep up with the changing recommendations by regulators. McSwain Consulting LLC provides a unique set of services designed to give your bank a third party, unbiased analysis and audit of your institutions risk management procedures. From understanding the changing landscape of the regulators to establishing best practices, McSwain will pro-actively navigate your banks risk management services so you can focus on your customers’ needs and increase their overall satisfaction while leveling the playing field.

Why hire McSwain Consulting?

  • Time and focus.

Regulatory burdens can eat up a lot of time and may cause unnecessary disruptions to your business, McSwain LLC can remove this by pro-actively navigating the regulatory landscape while building best practices to help work within the established requirements – freeing up your time to focus on other services and clients and leveling the playing field.

  •  Unique Experience

McSwain has walked in your shoes in many different roles in banking and can quickly and efficiently review the existing loan process and determine the banks’ ability to stay compliant.

  • Efficiency and Protection

They say businesses are only as good as their processes. McSwain helps banks become more efficient and effective by giving your loan officers the ability to focus on loan production instead of administrative work.

  • Solutions and Satisfaction

McSwain helps banks fulfill both national compliance rules in addition to assessing customers’ credit for increased customer satisfaction in the long-term.


David McSwain is an Oklahoma bank consultant and president of McSwain Consulting providing loan risk management solutions, loan reviews, and bank consulting services to community banks in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas.