David McSwain

With nearly two decades as a Chief Loan Officer and extensive involvement in commercial real estate development, David and his team bring a wealth of experience to his consulting work. His multifaceted background enables him to offer invaluable insights into loan risk management, CECL, Credit Analysis, and executive coaching, ensuring regulatory adherence and strategic foresight for institutions across the country – and the people who lead them.

Throughout his extensive career, David has navigated the highs and lows of the ever-evolving landscape of banking, accumulating insights and strategies that drive success in today’s dynamic market. His approach is not just about facts and figures; it’s about understanding the heartbeat of banking—the challenges, opportunities, and nuances that make each institution distinct. Reach out for a discovery call to see how McSwain Consulting can help you.

Patty Douglas-Sage

I started my career as a file clerk at the Federal Reserve Bank, worked my way through college, and was promoted accordingly. In 2003 I obtained my Bank Examiner Commission. Since those days I have worked in loan review at two large banks in the Kansas City area and lead the loan review department at a $14B institution. In 2009 I worked for a $1B bank that was placed under a Formal Written Agreement (FWA) three months after my start date. Within another two months I was promoted and became fully responsible for compliance of the FWA. The FWA was almost solely credit administration and credit quality driven. Upon satisfaction of the requirements of the FWA I made the decision to become self- employed and sought positions as an External Bank Consultant (since January 2012).

My specialties are external loan review, credit administration, enforcement action compliance, and appraisal review. Special projects as needed. During my twelve years as a consultant, I have assisted one bank with a large special project that kept them from formal enforcement action and helped them avoid civil money penalties. A second bank I assisted with obtaining compliance with an enforcement action they had been under for four years. Subsequently their action was lifted. My most recent enforcement action experience was with an institution in Oklahoma that was under a Consent Order that nearly caused the bank to be dissolved. Not only did that bank not dissolve, it is now a perfectly
functioning institution with strong credit administration, operations, and policies in place.

Currently, I work with dozens of banks by doing loan reviews, enforcement action compliance, appraisal reviews, allowance for loan and lease loss calculations (now CECL also), drafting policies, ad hoc projects, and general bank guidance.

Mike Muncy

Meet Mike Muncy, a dedicated alumnus of Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) with a degree in Business Administration. Mike’s connection to SWOSU runs deep, having served as a former Director of the SWOSU Foundation and remaining an active member of the SWOSU Alumni Association. He’s also a passionate participant in the SWOSU Alumni Jazz Band and a regular contributor to the annual Jazz Festival, now celebrating its 54th year. Mike earned his graduate degree from the Southwestern Graduate School of Business at SMU in 1992.

Mike’s love for jazz is a central theme in his life, whether playing the trombone at local venues or attending live jazz festivals across the United States. Twice, he’s even embarked on The Jazz Cruise through the Caribbean.

Growing up on a farm in Western Oklahoma, Mike learned the value of hard work early on. He managed his neighbor’s farm throughout high school and college, a testament to his perseverance and commitment. His agricultural roots also led to achievements in the 4H Club, where he was a state winner in Field Crops and a public speaking advocate at various civic organizations. Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit blossomed in college when he began buying oil and gas minerals, a venture that continues to this day and provides a unique financial benefit he humorously calls “Mailbox Money.”

Mike’s career in banking is marked by a profound empathy and understanding, always considering the perspective of those on the other side of the desk. His experience spans surviving the economic challenges of the ’80s and ’90s, providing invaluable lessons and a few gray hairs along the way. Returning to banking with McSwain Consulting he focuses on cash flow lending and proactively addressing potential issues. Mike’s greatest strength lies in simplifying complex loan discussions, employing the “KISS theory” to ensure clarity and mutual understanding.