McSwain Consulting provides the following services to banks in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas.
Loan Reviews                                                                                                                                   

Identifying risk is crucial to the success of a bank. Independent loan reviews are now required by regulators. McSwain specializes in loan review services with a keen eye for detail and weaknesses then provides advice for security and best practices. With new loan packages, a bank is only as good as its sales force. How strong is yours?

Global Cash Flow Analysis        

Who is at risk? McSwain creates a credit memorandum with global cash flow analysis for each of your customers to ensure both you and the customer are protected in the long-term.

Allowance for Loan and Lease Loss  

Regulators are driving home adequate calculation and analysis.  McSwain can take this time-consuming requirement and ensure you stay compliant.

CRE Stress Testing                                                                                                                               

It’s imperative to conduct portfolio stress tests of these exposures as part of a bank’s ongoing risk management activities. McSwain provides potential loss in the bank’s portfolio to help reduce risk long-term.

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Loan Review

All about risk vs. reward:

Independent loan reviews are required by regulators to help establish proper loan grading on pass/criticized/classified assets. McSwain recommends how to properly expand your grading system for a better profitability in the risk vs. reward realm.

In loan review services, you will receive:

  • a written report of the findings identifying areas in need of attention
  • solutions for best practices
  • a final report to management and the board, if requested


Allowance and Loan & Lease Loss Preparation and Analysis

Loan lease loss can be a make or break for community banks. McSwain is extremely proficient in keeping the bank compliant with the policy statement for community banks in preparing and analyzing the allowance for loan and lease loss account.  Coupled with the loan review, McSwain provides a proper quarterly ALLL report.

Global Cash Flow Analysis

Is your customer capable of repaying global debt? That’s the purpose of the joint government regulation requiring credit analysis be performed by an independent party.  That also means independence of the loan decision itself including an independent grading of loans which cannot be achieved if officers are involved in the loan decision.

Analysis creates greater efficiencies and profitability over time in the loan portfolio.

McSwain fills that role and develops a credit memorandum with global cash flow analysis for each bank customer. We provide an upfront standardized checklist for the required information and develop the credit memorandum from the information provided. Upon completion, McSwain submits the package in a PDF format.

 Loan Portfolio Analysis (Static, Trend and Peer Group Analysis)

Credit Risk Management Model (Responsibility, Tools and Techniques)

Credit Memorandum Program

Loan Pricing Model

Special Asset Management Model

Risk Management Policy (Loan Policy) Model

Pre-funding Credit Analysis

  • Comparative Earnings Performance Analysis Model
  • Data/Graphics Earnings Performance Model
  • Earnings Variables Model (with “What IF” modeling capability)