Three Ways to Get a Pulse on Your Loan Portfolio

Past Due Loans

A best practice is to pull past dues 5 days and over. Contact the customer regarding past due
and see if the timing is the issue or if they are having cash flow/Income pains. There is always
an opportunity to help with an evaluation of their business. This also acts as a radar for loans
that are deteriorating.

Pull a Report on Maturities and Repricing Loans for the Next 12 months

•Ensure the bank has current information
•Trend cash flow and determine how painful the rate increase will be to their cash flow
with the assumed repricing rate
•Meet with the customer and show your customer in advance so there are no surprises
and search for opportunities.
•What can you help your customer with to ease the pain of the shock of interest rates

Segment Your Loan Portfolio Highest to Lowest for Contact

A segmentation of the loan portfolio from highest to lowest is an effective way to establish a
call list of your loan portfolio. Upon segmentation, contact the customer and have a valuable
discussion of the business and what pains they are experiencing if any. It’s a pulse check. A lot
of opportunities exist in these types of conversations.

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